Self-Storage The Journey: Getting Into The Business

Self-Storage The Journey: Getting Into The

The Self-Storage Industry. Its history, where is it today and where it is going. If you are considering getting into the self-storage business, this book is a complete and straightforward handbook to serve as your starting point and is designed to take you from your dream to actual reality. This is your consolidation of information. You can be equipped and remain confident in your ability to own a self-storage business.This resource is also for folks who are already in the self-storage business and are looking for ways to expand, sell, or refinance. GREAT BUSINESSES OPPORTUNITY with minimal risk.American Steel Buildings ( constantly receives the same types of questions. Answers to questions like:1. How do I get started?2. Where can I get more information?3. What is this self-storage industry?4. Am I too late?5. What is my investment?

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Creating Wealth Through Self Storage: One Man's Journey into the World of Self-Storage

Creating Wealth Through Self Storage: One Man's Journey

The Roadmap for Success in Self-StorageThe old adage of buy low and sell high works, but it is not that cut and dry in today’s market. This is especially the case when self-storage is selling for a premium. It is daunting competing for facilities with large, well funded operators and REITS, but this book will guide you and provide the resources to excel. By the end of this step-by-step guide, you will possess the essential tools to effectively find, analyze risk, and compete with the larger players. You will not only have the knowledge to BUY facilities, but BUY them in a way that fulfills your pre-determined parameters and business plan. Mark Helm, CCIM explains in detail how he did just that... even with very limited startup funds. As the economy improves and more people use self-storage, it is going to be more important than ever to know how to effectively compete with large well funded operators in purchasing facilities. Mark Helm is a leading authority in self-storage. With his powerful software, The Self Storage Valuator, Mark has grown from one unit to his own storage empire. In this book, he shares exactly how you can do the same. For more information, please visit:CreatingWealthThroughSelfStorage.comTags: self storage, property management, real estate investing, real ...


Self Storage Domination: Your Action Plan For Dominating Your Self Storage Market

Self Storage Domination: Your Action Plan For Dominating

Self storage is a thriving industry in America, but few have written anything on how to succeed. Jim Ross changes this in a no-nonsense guide to developing, marketing, and running your own self-storage business. The most important lesson Jim can teach you is the importance of technology. Gone are the days when the Yellow Pages were your best advertisement. As Ross reminds you in the guide, “Your competitor is only a mouse click away.” Don’t let someone else snatch up your customers. With Jim’s help, create online marketing and advertising strategies that will showcase the unique benefits of your business. Jim doesn’t forget the human component of the business. He includes guidance on cultivating a customer base and fulfilling all your customers’ needs. He also touches on hiring employees, managing your revenue, and more. Jim has designed his book to be easy to understand and process. Special icons mark important passages. The action icon urges you to take immediate steps to transform your business. The resources icon guides you to additional information. The value icon shows just exactly how much a small change can greatly increase the value of your business!

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Crush Your Competition: 101 Self Storage Marketing Tips For The Fastest Way To Huge Profits.

Crush Your Competition: 101 Self Storage Marketing Tips

Finally a simple to use, common sense Self storage marketing guide. One hundred and one weeks of self storage marketing tips and specific ideas you can use now to rent more units and make more profits now.Crush Your Competition will give you the ammunition you need for incredible profits - weather you’re an entrepreneur, professional, self storage owner, self storage manager or absolute new comer to the self storage business. Marc Goodin will show you how to use simple marketing specifics, tactics and ideas with minimal cost and maximum profits.This book has the tools for new start ups with more energy than money and is ideal for established businesses that need new fresh ideas. You’ll find:• Complete step by step guidance in plain English on marketing a self storage business.• Hundreds of great marketing ideas for much less than you would expect, many free.• Personal insights and stories from the trenches to grow your business.• How to take control of your marketing for easy money.• An initial plan for you to make an extra $24,000 a year or more.• Ways to keep your clients longer and get more referrals for free money. • Dozens of tips to improve your customer service and rent more units.• How to supercharge you sales from drive by customers, to walk ins, to p...

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Your Self Storage, Planning - Site Selection - Design - Build: 201 Tips And Ideas To Save You Time And Money! Third Edition Revised 2019

Your Self Storage, Planning - Site Selection -

This book covers all aspects development of new facilities, written by a highly respected seasoned civil engineer with over 25 years in the self-storage industry. The Author owns self-storages, designs self storage, builds self-storages, manages self-storages and provides the knowledge from the trenches you need. It is a great resource for the seasoned developer and must have reference for the novice.The proforma will quickly help you understand the development cost and cash requirements to get started. If you want to learn about how to find the right property, get it designed and approved, get financing and built for less this book will give you a huge head start. It is part motivation, part overview with a tons of specifics that will help you decide is self storage development and self storage ownership is for you and how to proceed.This Third Edition has been updated for 2019 and also includes 3 bonus chapters on self storage franchising.

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What's It Worth? Making, Managing, and Measuring Value: Self-Storage Facility (Volume 1)

What's It Worth? Making, Managing, and Measuring Value:

This book is unique in that it weaves valuation theory through a particular asset class, self-storage facilities. What's my self-storage facility worth? Discover the keys to making, managing, and measuring self-storage value. The authors of this unique series have experience as educators, analysts, appraisers, and turnaround consultants, which have offered opportunities to work regularly with students and clients in connecting the dots between valuation theory and practice. In particular, the authors focus on three value dimensions: 1) making value, 2) managing value, and 3) measuring value. The goal of this text to simultaneously develop a fundamental understanding of both value creation and the self-storage facility asset class.

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Self Storage


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Self Storage Blueprint for Success

Self Storage Blueprint for

In this e-book, I reveal why self storage has become the hottest sector in commercial real estate. My name is Scott Meyers and I’m the nation’s leading authority on self storage Investing and I have been teaching thousands of people across the country how to create wealth in real estate without the hassles and expense of dealing with tenants and toilets. In my ebook I’ll reveal the following:My Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Self Storage Today! The current and future state of the Self Storage IndustryI'll debunking the myths about Self StorageThe skyrocketing demand for Self StorageLatest Technology Advancements in the IndustryDilemma solved: To Buy or To Build?Plus Much, Much..... More! Trust me, I’ve made virtually all the mistakes you could make in self storage, and now my goal is to help my students to shorten their learning curve while building and managing their self storage empires by sharing my 17 years of in- the- trenches experience in the world of real estate. So whether you are new to the industry, or an experienced real estate investor, I encourage you to download my ebook now and then visit our website and check out our home study courses, and live training events, and don’t forget to sign up for my free monthly newsletter, secrets of a s...

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How To Invest In Self-Storage

How To Invest In

How to Invest in Self Storage is an easy-to-read book filled with self storage information and advice that can be extremely valuable for anyone seriously considering the business of self storage. Looking at the industry from its earliest beginnings to the market today, it examines not only the reasons to get into the business, but also the common myths that surround the industry as a whole, as well as a step-by-step guide for developing and/or acquiring a facility.

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The Key To Success: How To Manage Self-Storage

The Key To Success: How To Manage

Managing people is an art form. While we tend to view management as controlling people to get work done, the reality is that management is the ability to lead, coach and inspire others to work purposefully towards achieving common goals. Learn how your role as manager and, more importantly, your role as leader are vital to successful self-storage management. Topics Include: Job Descriptions and Interviewing Making the Hiring Decision Negotiating Compensation Starting Managers Off Right Day-to-Day Management Problems Improving Performance Performance Problems

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