Shamanic Journey Solo and Double Drumming

Shamanic Journey Solo and Double

The solo drumming is in the classic mode by Michael Harner using a single-headed, round-frame, hand drum. The double drumming, which some journeyers prefer, is also by Michael Harner, assisted by David Corbin. Both are using single-headed, round-frame drums. The drums are beaten facing each other at a slight angle, about four feet apart, to produce the maximum effect without excessive reverberation. The compact disc offers the opportunity to program 15 and 30 minute solo or double drumming play with callback.

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On Wings of Spirit: Multiple Drumming For the Shamanic Journey

On Wings of Spirit: Multiple Drumming For the

This CD, composed with the rich fullness of four hand-held Lakota-style hoop drums, was created for use in the Path Home Shamanic Arts School programs. The unique, shamanically crafted rhythms were specifically designed to facilitate the altered state of consciousness known as ‘the shamanic journey trance”. On Wings of Spirit features four tracks: 60 min. 45 min. 30 min. and 15 min. each of which is followed by a "call back beat". The call back is a special drumming pattern that signals for you to come back from your shamanic journey.When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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Shamanic Journey Drumming: Spirit Passages

Shamanic Journey Drumming: Spirit

Album Description Consciousness-altering rhythms for shamanic journeying, meditation or dreaming. This recording has been digitally recorded and mastered to produce the richest acoustic depth and full tonal range necessary to alter consciousness for the purpose of making shamanic journeys. The type of insistent, rapid drumming found on this recording can provide support for shifting consciousness. When shamans journey to the spirit realm, they enter a trance-like state of consciousness. In this trance state, the brain generates theta waves which are characterized by a 4 cycle-per-minute pattern. Research into altered states have determined that the deepest states of shamanic consciousness may be accessed by listening to rhythmic drumming of 4-beats-per-second because these rhythms replicate the natural theta state. Step-by-step instructions for making successful shamanic journeys, using this method, are explained in Evelyn C. Rysdyk’s book, Modern Shamanic Living. (It is strongly suggested that persons with no prior journey experience read this book first!) The sonic-supported journey technique, pioneered by anthropologist Dr. Michael Harner, provides an opportunity for ordinary people to access the realms of spirit in a very safe manner. For best results, listen to this record...

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Ritual Drumming for the Shamanic Journey

Ritual Drumming for the Shamanic


Drumming & Songs for the Shamanic Journey

Drumming & Songs for the Shamanic

World's Oldest Healing Tool Reclaim knowledge of the ancients Ancient drum patterns Primal programming synchronized to the amygdala in our brain Awaken genetic memory of self healing connection and remembering Shamanic Journey Anytime, Anywhere Take your drum circle anywhere you go Live drumming on digital media Refreshing 20 minute journey No experience or guide needed The flute quickly deepens the experience Connect With Your Spirit Animal Rapidly enter and sustain a hypnotic trance It uplifts, energizes, and makes you happy Heartfelt healing and inspiring songs Feel life's sacredness "...uniquely enchanting ...evocative flute accompaniment ...shimmers with character and powerful energy ...well-designed for inducing and maintaining a shamanic state of consciousness." ~Leslie Conton, Ph.D. Anthropologist, shamanic practitioner, and Certified Shamanic Counselor

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Shamanic Journey Drumming

Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Journey Drumming by Shamanic Journey DrummingWhen sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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Shamanic Journey Drumming

Shamanic Journey

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Shamanic Journeys to Empower Your Life

Shamanic Journeys to Empower Your

The shaman's journey is a timeless and universal technique that gives us access to the deepest levels of our being. Most of us now have a pretty good understanding of consciously setting clear goals and thinking positively in order to produce the results we want in our lives. We understand how the mind affects the body, or how our thoughts create our reality. Positive thinking, getting in the right mindset, visualizing outcomes, and changing beliefs engage the level of the mind. Making good choices and doing work engages the level of the physical. But few understand the value and necessity of engaging on the subconscious levels in order to obtain extraordinary results in extraordinary ways. The shamanic journeys that follow are designed specifically to engage our deepest subconscious levels as well as the level of the mind and body. The deepest of these levels is what we refer to in English as the Soul, in Sanskrit as the Aura, in Italian as the Anima and everyone has a name for it in their own language. Quantum physicists call it dark energy or dark matter because they cannot see it or measure it, but they know it must exist. This Soul level is your essential self, your blueprint or template that influences all of your life experiences. It is who you are even after this physical...

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Shamanic Visioning Music: Taiko Drum Journeys

Shamanic Visioning Music: Taiko Drum

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Drumming Planet


Ethno-Fusion Worldbeat. Vivacious Ethno-Trance drum mixes resonate from an array of percussion instruments (log, dumbeck, pony, derbuka, dhol, bhodran, frame, jun-jun, tablas, etc). Hypnotic rhythms pulsate with ancient roots in ritual ceremonies from the South Pacific, Africa, Ireland, Native America, India and other exotic regions. Breathe deeply… then move, stretch and embrace a rich mythical sound-journey unfurling within these tribal-music fires.

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Worlds: Drumming for Shamanic Travel

Worlds: Drumming for Shamanic

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Binaural Beats for the Shamanic Journey

Binaural Beats for the Shamanic

"Pure theta brainwave entrainment tones for shamanic journeying." Until recently, only those who practiced ancient meditative disciplines could enter transcendent states of awareness. Now there is an easier pathway called binaural technology. Researcher H.W. Dove discovered that when two pure tones close in frequency are presented, one to each ear, the brain detects the difference between them as a third frequency. The two hemispheres of the brain entrain to this binaural beat rather than the audible tones. For example, a 90 Hz tone and 95 Hz tone will induce a 5 Hz theta brainwave cycle.Theta activity reflects the dreamlike state between wakefulness and sleep. Theta rhythms are associated with meditation and shamanic states of consciousness. Theta increases creativity, enhances learning, reduces stress, and awakens intuition. Binaural beats can induce profoundly deep altered states within minutes. All you need is a pair of stereo headphones and a comfortable chair. The recording does the rest.The audible tone, or carrier frequency, also influences consciousness. The carrier tone must be a pure sine wave. If this tone is complex, like a drum or musical instrument, the target binaural beat frequency will be corrupted. You should hear a continuous tone when listening to left and ri...

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Shamanic Journey Multiple Drumming

Shamanic Journey Multiple

1 Audio CD

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Hearts, Hands & Hides: A Shamanic Journey into Native Drumming of the Americas

Hearts, Hands & Hides: A Shamanic Journey into

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Shamanic Dream


Shamanic Dream by Anugama is especially suitable for trance meditations and relaxation. A heartbeat drum accompanies the continued low repetition of the mantra 'So Be It'.The second part is a journey through and meditation on the chakras, the energy centres of the human body.

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JOURNEY LIKE A SHAMAN! Instructions and Shamanic Drumming For a Complete Journey Experience

JOURNEY LIKE A SHAMAN! Instructions and Shamanic

This soulful practice has been used by people all over the world and in all walks of life. The Shaman of indigenous societies were the ones who first originated this practice tens of thousands of years ago. They would journey for information in the interest of the tribes survival and healing. The practice is still used today for the same reasons and simply because its power is unmatched in communicating with your spriritual guides and helpers. You can journey to access personal divine guidance, for power and for healing. There are many levels of experience with the Shamanic Journey. The meditation tracks are suitable for all levels while the instructional portion is most helpful to the beginner. The drumming portion of this CD is only to be used during a deep meditation and never while your attention must be focused elsewhere. Allow this meditation to take you to a higher reality in your mind's eye to retrieve information for positive change in any area of your life. There is no limit to the number of times you can journey for information on your health, relationships, spirituality and life purpose. This is truly a life transforming practice!

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Drumming into Paradise

Drumming into

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The Spirit of Healing: Shamanic Journey Music

The Spirit of Healing: Shamanic Journey

Scientifically Enhanced Shamanic Music for Accessing Expanded Consciousness Ancient shamans and modern sound researchers discovered the same thing—rhythm is the most reliable way to shift our brainwave states. On The Spirit of Healing, renowned teacher Sandra Ingerman joins shamanic trance drummer Byron Metcalf to present scientifically enhanced music to help you easily access an altered state and connect to the spirit world. Combining traditional drums and other shamanic instruments and sounds with Field Effect Audio Technology™, these three tracks offer an extraordinarily powerful accompaniment to shamanic practice. The three sessions on this album can facilitate any shamanic journey, but each was created with a specific intention in mind—one for cleansing the past, one for dreaming the life you want, and one for merging with a star to experience your own divine light. About the Technology While most brainwave entrainment products use binaural beats exclusively and require headphones for full effectiveness, Field Effect Audio Technology (FEAT™) is an integrated system of isochronic and binaural beats with drum and percussion patterns, synchronizing the brain’s hemispheres to induce expanded states of consciousness. In this way, FEAT enhances the natural trance-inducin...

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Betwixt & Between: Double Drumming for the Shamanic Jurney

Betwixt & Between: Double Drumming for the Shamanic

This drumming CD performed by Gwilda Wiyaka is played on two hand held Native American style drums, "Horse" & "Wolf" respectively. It is designed for use in entering the shamanic journey trance and has four convenient timed tracks with a call back at the end of each for different length journeys. There are: 1 hr., 45 min., 30 min., and 15 min. Journeys to choose from.This CD will fulfill the CD requirement for the Path Home Shamanic Arts School Practitioner Certification Program for length of journeys and synchronized call back.When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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The Shamanic Drum Instructional

The Shamanic Drum

On this companion recording to his book The Shamanic Drum, Michael Drake instructs the listener in playing ten ceremonial drum rhythms, including those for invoking the seven directions. A 30 minute ceremonial drumming is also performed, which listeners may use for prayer and journeywork. This CD can be used independently or as an integral companion to the book. Track 1: Introduction Track 2: Go Away This rhythm, like smudging with cedar, prepares sacred space by clearing the area of stagnant or unwanted energy.Track 3: Come To MeLike smudging with sweetgrass, this rhythm attracts and draws in helping spirits and beneficial energy.Track 4: Upperworld - EagleThe Eagle is the intercessor between humans and the upperworld. This is a good rhythm for prayer and journeywork.Track 5: East - HummingbirdThe Hummingbird is the Maya guardian of the east and sings a vibration of pure joy and illumination.Track 6: South - CoyoteThe Coyote is a guardian of the south and brings us the medicine of laughter and humor.Track 7: West - BearThe Bear is a guardian of the west and brings us the medicine of introspection, healing, and transformation.Track 8: North - BuffaloThe Buffalo is a guardian of the north and brings us the medicine of wisdom, blessings, and abundance.Track 9: Underworld - HorseIn ...

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Shamanic Journey Drumming by Michael Drake

Shamanic Drumming Cd

Try a Shamanic Journey listening to Michael Drake's "Shamanic Journey Drumming." https://shamanicdrumming....

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Michael Harner: Shamanic Journey – 30 minutes solo drumming

Shamanic Drumming Cd

Shamanic Journey Series, No. 1 Foundation for Shamanic Studies a nonprofit incorporated educational organization. The solo drumming on this disc is an outstanding example of impeccable, uninterrupted shamanic journey drumming in the classic mode by Michael Harner, internationally recognized te...



Shamanic Drumming Cd

A subscriber request. Powerful shamanic drumming with atmospheric music (30 Minutes with call-back). Use it to enter trance on your Shamanic journey. Headphones are strongly recommended for this video. THERE ARE 3 VERSIONS OF THIS VIDEO: 1) Guided Shamanic Journey (narrated) : https://youtu....

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