Sleep Aid | Natural Herbal Sleep Supplement Made with Valerian Root, Melatonin, Chamomile, Magnesium | Insomnia and Anxiety Relief | Adult Extra Strength Sleeping Pills | 60 Vegan Capsules | Shut Eye

Sleep Aid | Natural Herbal Sleep Supplement Made

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. We are so sure you'll be happy with your purchase that we offer a "30-Day Money-Back Guarantee" to ensure customer satisfaction of Shut Eye. If for any reason you wish to discontinue using Shut Eye, we will promptly issue a refund. VALERIAN ROOT is an herb that has a sedative effect and promotes relaxation and sleep. Studies show it helps improve the speed at which you fall asleep, depth of sleep and sleep quality. L-THEANINE is a compound found in green tea, has a calming effect on the brain. GABA is a mood balancing neurotransmitter naturally produced in the brain used to help calm and relax the mind. 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is an amino acid that your body naturally produces. Your body uses it to produce serotonin, a chemical messenger that sends signals between your nerve cells. Low serotonin levels are associated with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and other health problems CHAMOMILE calms the nerves, promoting general relaxation, relieving stress and controlling insomnia. LEMON BALM Has a sedative effect, which allows it to be an effective treatment for insomnia and anxiety PASSIONFLOWER is very effective for helping to relieve both anxiety and insomnia by boosting the level of sleep promoting GABA in the brain. MELATONIN is a hormone...

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Shut Eye


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Are You Listening?

Are You

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Shut-Eye- The Most Potent Natural Sleep Aid & Caffeine Neutralizer! All Natural Non-Addictive Herbal Complex w/Valerian, Melatonin & 11 More (Deep Relaxation and Sleep Or Your Money Back)

Shut-Eye- The Most Potent Natural Sleep Aid &

Get to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up rejuvenated or we will send your money back! No nonsense lifetime money back guarantee. No quibbling, No hassles, just your complete satisfaction! We will make it right! Safely used for centuries! You will be using 13 of the most effective traditional insomnia and relaxation remedies from throughout history. Grandma and others knew through trial and error which herbal remedies were the most potent... and recent clinical trials have corroborated their effectiveness. These natural remedies are potent, but they are also safe.... They have been used for generations! No pharmaceutical company can patent them as they have long been in regular use. But YOU can safely use them to promote deep sleep! Enjoy your coffee (and caffeine) and still get to sleep quickly! Shut-Eye is the ONLY all natural sleep aid that includes Rutaecarpine, a far Eastern Herb that has recently been shown to help eliminate the effects of Caffeine. Rutaecarpine helps your body to remove caffeine up to TWICE as fast. Normally Caffeine can take 4 to 7 hours to clear your system, but with Shut-Eye that time is cut in half! That allows YOU to enjoy your coffee, yet clear it from your system so you can still enjoy the deepest sleep. Compare us to ANY competitor ...

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Shut Eye Sleep Aid | Herbal Sleeping Pills with Melatonin, Valerian, Magnesium & More | Deep Sleep & Insomnia Relief Supplement | 60 Veggie Capsules | All Natural, Vegan, Non GMO for Men & Women

Shut Eye Sleep Aid | Herbal Sleeping Pills

Want to start your days with more vigor? Tired of rough nights that leave you groggy? Shut-Eye sleep formula offers an all-natural, proprietary formula with ingredients known to calm restlessness. Good sleep is the foundation of your health and happiness. But prescription meds can be habit forming - not to mention the unpleasant side effects. Shut-Eye by Bioganix is specially formulated to support restful sleep without the next-day fatigue some pills can cause. This homeopathic complex features: 5 mg of melatonin, a hormone naturally found in the body, thought to help regulate sleep and wakefulness. Valerian root, studied for its sedative properties and efficacy in relieving anxiety and other temporary stress symptoms. Ours is standardized with 0.8% Valerenic Acid, the active ingredient in Valerian. Magnesium, a mineral known to help muscles relax, leading the body to experience a pleasant "sleepy" feeling. Our formula also contains other ingredients examined by scientists for a variety of sleep-supporting benefits, including GABA, L-Tryptophan, chamomile, passion flower, and lemon balm extract. Plus, we've added BioPerine, a black pepper extract that helps your body more readily absorb the active ingredients in our sleep capsules. Shut-Eye is 100% natural, with no artificial a...

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Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide


Now We're Alive

Now We're


Shut Eye



The Ghost and the Darkness

The Ghost and the

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Macks shut-eye shade premium sleep mask

Macks shut-eye shade premium sleep

For sleep when You want it.1 Shut-Eye Shade® Premium Sleep Mask Features dual elastic straps with adjustable tensioners for optimum performance and comfort. Comfortable, contoured, and cushioned. Smooth, non-irritating black satin. One size fits all. Excellent for travel or daytime sleep.

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Eyes Wide Shut: Stanley Kubrick and the Making of His Final Film

Eyes Wide Shut: Stanley Kubrick and the Making

Twenty years since its release, Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut remains a complex, visually arresting film about domesticity, sexual disturbance, and dreams. It was on the director's mind for some 50 years before he finally put it into production. Using the Stanley Kubrick Archive at the University of the Arts, London, and interviews with participants in the production, the authors create an archeology of the film that traces the progress of the film from its origins to its completion, reception, and afterlife. The book is also an appreciation of this enigmatic work and its equally enigmatic creator.

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Shut Eye



Fear X

Fear X

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Atlantis: The Lost City

Atlantis: The Lost

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The Shut Eye

The Shut

A desperate woman hopes a psychic can help find her son in “this intricate, surprise-filled crime novel” from the CWA Gold Dagger Award–winning author (Publishers Weekly, starred review).   Five footprints are the only sign that four-year-old Daniel Buck was ever here. They’re all his mother has left. Every day, Anna Buck guards the little prints in the cement. Polishing them to a shine. Keeping them safe. Spiraling towards insanity.   With little help or hope coming from the police or her husband, James, Anna is looking for any opportunity that may lead to finding her son. So when a woman tells her she’s found a “shut eye”—a true psychic—Anna grasps at it. Maybe he can tell her what happened. But her meeting with the psychic is not at all what she suspected . . .   Matching breathtaking suspense with a keen exploration of skepticism in the face of the unexplainable, The Shut Eye is a “very satisfying” crime thriller that will have readers “rushing to the final pages” (TheIndependent).   “A standout.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

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Shut Eye


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