Iron & Blood (Expansion Wars Trilogy, Book 2) (Black Fleet Saga 5)

Iron & Blood (Expansion Wars Trilogy, Book 2)

The Black Fleet Saga continues…A human planet has been invaded. The enigmatic Darshik have landed troops on a frontier world and have begun subduing major cities even as their blockade repels all attempts by the fledgling United Terran Federation to mount a counteroffensive.The Federation's military command is desperate and with their fleet still in tatters they make a last ditch effort to free the planet: They pull Captain Jackson Wolfe out of retirement and put him in command of a ship they hope can get past the defending armada and provide support to the beleaguered Marines and civilians fighting on the surface of the contested world. There is no reasoning with this enemy. If the Terran Federation wants their planet back, they will have to pay the price.Iron & Blood is the second book of The Expansion Wars Trilogy and the fifth book of the Black Fleet Saga.


Star wars Imperial Star Destroyer Model 9057 kit in box by Zvezda

Star wars Imperial Star Destroyer Model 9057 kit

English user manual:

  • Brand: Zvezda

Vader Leaves the Star Destroyer's Bridge (Trading Card) 1997 Merlin Star Wars Trilogy - [Base] #67

Vader Leaves the Star Destroyer's Bridge (Trading Card)

1997 Merlin Star Wars Trilogy - [Base] #67 - Vader Leaves the Star Destroyer's Bridge

  • Brand: Merlin Star Wars Trilogy
  • ASIN: B016KF9LGW

Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide

Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual

The essential, comprehensive guide to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story™.This exciting reference format accompanies the eagerly anticipated, first-ever standalone Star Wars™ movie: Rogue One. This beautifully detailed title features in-depth character profiles, plus 5 newly commissioned and fully annotated cross-sections of vehicles and mapped-out locations. With clear and authoritative text, this book is packed with essential information—and presented alongside stunning stills from the movie.

  • Brand: DK Publishing
  • ASIN: 146545263X

LEGO Star Wars VIII First Order Star Destroyer 75190 Building Kit (1416 Piece)

LEGO Star Wars VIII First Order Star Destroyer

Embark on galactic Star Wars: Episode VIII adventures with the First Order Star Destroyer. This huge model features armor-like panels on the outside, transparent-element engine detailing at the back and 8 side-facing stud shooters. Open out the top panels to reveal the detailed interior, featuring a working elevator leading to Snoke's command center with a seat and mini hologram figure, bridge with seating for the crew, conference area with buildable medical droid and BB-9E droid, and a passageway leading to a detailed control room. There's even a carry handle to take the play action into hyperspeed! This stellar set includes 5 minifigures and 2 droids.

  • Brand: LEGO
  • ASIN: B071G5NN5W
  • UPC: 673419292146

The Cruel Sea (Classics of War)

The Cruel Sea (Classics of

A powerful novel of the North Atlantic in World Wat II, this is the story of the British ships Compass Rose and Saltash and of their desparate cat-and-mouse game with Nazi U-boats. First published to great accalim in 1951, The Cruel Sea remains a classic novel of endurance and daring.

  • Brand: Burford Books
  • ASIN: 1580800467

Star Wars: The Blueprints

Star Wars: The

Star Wars: The Blueprints brings together the original technical drawings from deep within the Lucasfilm Archives. Combined with insightful commentary from best-selling author J. W. Rinzler, the collection maps in precise, vivid, and intricate detail the very genesis of one of the most enduring and beloved stories to appear onscreen. The meticulously researched text gives voice to the groundbreaking and brilliant engineers, designers, and artists that have, in film after film, created the most imaginative and iconic locales. Blueprints shows how in bringing this extraordinary epic to life, early concepts were translated into iconic sets—the rebel blockade runner, the Millennium Falcon, the bridge of General Grievous’s flagship, Jabba the Hutt’s throne room, and many others—thanks to the exquisite craftsmanship and artistry of successive art departments. Special Features:      •More than 250 blueprints      •More than 500 photographs and illustrations      •Ten gatefolds

  • ASIN: 1611097967

Star Blazers Fleet Battle System (Gamilon and White Comet Wars)

Star Blazers Fleet Battle System (Gamilon and White

Module 1. The Gamilon and White Comet Wars 2199-2201. Warship Display Forms designed by Arthur Braune. 74 pages for game rules, approximately the same number of additional pages for Warship information.

  • ASIN: 0965264815

1/700 US Navy Fletcher class destroyer upgrade set (late type bridge)

1/700 US Navy Fletcher class destroyer upgrade set

Photo-etched parts/Photo-etched parts are advanced products.

  • Brand: Five Star model

The Rise of the Empire: Star Wars: Featuring the novels Star Wars: Tarkin, Star Wars: A New Dawn, and 3 all-new short stories

The Rise of the Empire: Star Wars: Featuring

Witness the rise of the Empire with these two thrilling Star Wars novels—plus exclusive short stories by Melissa Scott, John Jackson Miller, and Jason Fry! TARKIN “Compelling . . . The villains of Star Wars are as much fun as the good guys.”—New York Daily News Under Governor Wilhuff Tarkin’s guidance, an ultimate weapon of unparalleled destruction—the so-called Death Star—moves ever closer to becoming a terrifying reality. Until then, insurgency remains a genuine threat. Guerrilla attacks by an elusive band of freedom fighters must be countered with swift and brutal action—a mission the Emperor entrusts to his most formidable agents: Darth Vader, the fearsome new Sith enforcer, and Tarkin, whose tactical cunning and cold-blooded efficiency will pave the way for the Empire’s supremacy—and its enemies’ extinction.   A NEW DAWN Foreword by Dave Filoni   “A story with pacing and dialogue that feels like classic Star Wars.”—Nerdist   Ever since the Jedi were marked for death, Kanan Jarrus has devoted himself to staying alive rather than serving the Force. So when he discovers a conflict brewing between Imperial forces and desperate revolutionaries, he’s not about to get caught in the crossfire. Then the brutal death of a friend forces him to cho...

  • Brand: Del Rey
  • ASIN: 1101965037

LEGO Star Wars 75055 Imperial Star Destroyer Building Toy (Discontinued by manufacturer)

LEGO Star Wars 75055 Imperial Star Destroyer Building

Experience the power of the Empire! The Imperial Star Destroyer is the signature vessel of the Imperial fleet. Turn the rear handle to aim the 8 synchronized cannons and unleash the spring-loaded shooters mounted on the superstructure. Remove the top to reveal the stunningly detailed interior with never-before-seen Emperor Palpatine hologram, rotating chairs for the crew, weapons rack, bridge, control panel and more. Recreate scenes featuring the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader from the classic Star Wars movies with this iconic model and use the lifting handle for enhanced play and easy transportation. Includes 6 minifigures with assorted weapons: Darth Vader, Imperial Officer, 2 Stormtroopers, Imperial Crew, Imperial Navy Trooper, plus 2 new, unique figures: Emperor Palpatine Hologram and a Mouse Droid. Features a lifting handle, removable top and fold-down sides for easy play, 8 synchronized turning cannons, 2 spring-loaded shooters, storage compartment for 2 spare missiles, 7 powerful blue engines and a detailed interior including rotating Emperor Palpatine hologram, rotating chairs, turning weapon rack, bridge, blue screen and a control panel.

  • Brand: LEGO
  • ASIN: B00J4S962W
  • UPC: 673419210577

G.Skill RipjawsX 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800 for Sandy Bridge (9-9-9-24) Dual Channel kit (F3-12800CL9D-4GBXL)

G.Skill RipjawsX 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800

ModelBrand: G.SKILLSeries: Ripjaws X SeriesModel: F3-12800CL9D-4GBXLType: 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAMTech SpecCapacity: 4GB (2 x 2GB)Speed: DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)Cas Latency: 9Timing: 9-9-9-24Voltage: 1.5VECC: NoBuffered/Registered: UnbufferedMulti-channel Kit: Dual Channel KitFeatures: Compatible with Intel LGA1155/LGA1156 and AMD AM3/Llano/AM3+ platforms Intel XMP support for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation Intel Core ProcessorsManufacturer WarrantyParts: Lifetime limitedLabor: Lifetime limited

  • Brand: G.Skill
  • ASIN: B004I75J3O
  • UPC: 012304985389

Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure (Star Wars: Journey to Star Wars - The Force Awakens)

Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure (Star Wars:

Princess Leia returns for an all-new adventure in this thrilling upper middle grade novel. Set between Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi, the story follows the warrior princess as she leads a ragtag group of rebels on a dangerous mission against the evil Galactic Empire. Hidden in the story are also hints and clues about the upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, making this a must-read for fans old and new!

  • Brand: Disney Lucasfilm Press
  • ASIN: 1484724976
  • UPC: 884854094091

Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star - PS4 [Digital Code]

Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star - PS4 [Digital

As part of the STAR WARS Battlefront Season Pass, expand your galaxy with the STAR WARS Battlefront Death Star digital expansion pack. Fire up your starships and ready your blasters as one of the deadliest weapons in the galaxy makes its highly-anticipated debut. Everyone’s favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca, arrives alongside bounty hunter Bossk as the two new playable heroes. Board the Death Star and blast foes with the new K-16 Bryar Pistol or TL-50 Heavy Repeater. Take your starfighters to space in an all-new game mode and even hop into the cockpits of Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced or Luke Skywalker’s Red Five X-wing. If the ForceTM is strong with you, attempt a trench run to take down the Empire’s ultimate weapon. Additional hardware required for Remote Play. Use of PSN and SEN account are subject to the Terms of Service and User Agreement and applicable privacy policy (see terms at & Online features may be terminated at any time. *Online multiplayer requires a PlayStationPlus membership. 1-2 players Network Players 2-40 25GB minimum save size DUALSHOCK4 Remote Play Online Play (Optional)System Requirements:Supported Platforms: PlayStation 4PlayStation account required for game activat...

  • Brand: Electronic Arts
  • ASIN: B01M0CLN2Z

2019 Topps Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Black and White #15 Locating the Rebels Bridge Darth Vader's Star Destroyer Trading Card

2019 Topps Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Black

2019 Topps Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Black and White #15 Locating the Rebels Bridge Darth Vader's Star Destroyer Trading Card

  • ASIN: B07NC87RFB

Msszff 3D Window Movie Star Wars Spaceship Spacecraft Destroyer Wall Stickers DIY Kids Art Mural Decal Creative Home Decoration

Msszff 3D Window Movie Star Wars Spaceship Spacecraft

Our wall murals are made of high quality vinyl that is easy to work Instructions:Clean the surface with soft cloth before you sticktake a card such as credit card, rub the sticker from middle to the two sides when you stick. Rubbing the sticker and squeezing outall air bubbles. No transfer film needed, simply peel and stick. These stickers will never harm your walls or leave behind a sticky residue. Great for smooth wall surface, doors, renters, dorms, bedrooms, offices, refrigerators, kids play areas, Decorate interior walls or window of home, bathroom, office, dorm, or store.Will give your room a refreshing look and create a charming atmosphere It will give you a stunning touch We strive to have the best customer service possible! If for any reasons you are unhappy with your purchase or your wall decal, please contact us. We appreciate every customer and every order is important for us!

  • Brand: msszff

Pirates and Zombies (Guardians of the Apocalypse Book 3)

Pirates and Zombies (Guardians of the Apocalypse Book

The Sass is back, and in more trouble than ever! Pirates and zombies, idiot officers and a world-ending apocalypse. Are they ready for it? Are you?


Zvezda Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer Model 9057 + Backlight kit in Box

Zvezda Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer Model 9057

A wedge-shaped capital ship, it bristled with weapons emplacements, assault troops, boarding craft, and TIE fighters. In the heyday of the Empire, its command bridge was staffed by the finest crewmen in the navy. At first, Star Destroyers were deployed to sectors and systems caught in the aftermath of the Clone Wars, where they would crush any signs of sedition. During the Galactic Civil War the Destroyer's roles changed to hunting down high value Rebel targets and bases. They fought in notable battles such as the Battle of Hoth, and Battle of Endor. The Imperial II-class Star Destroyer was a derivative of the Imperial I-class. English user manual:

  • Brand: Zvezda
  • ASIN: B077NBGCB5

LEGO Star Wars First Order Star Destroyer

LEGO Star Wars First Order Star

Join Supreme Leader Snoke as he rules the galaxy aboard the mighty First Order Star Destroyer! Fire the stud shooters to defeat enemy ships and then open the panels to play inside. Ride the elevator to Snoke's command centre and issue orders to the mini hologram. Give the fleet orders from the bridge, prepare for battle in the conference area, get the droids aboard and monitor the ship from the control room. When you're ready to move out, grab the handle on top and zoom into action at hyper speed!

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: LEGO
  • ASIN: B06WP5BS19

QMx Star Wars Star Destroyer Replica Keychain

QMx Star Wars Star Destroyer Replica

Beware the deadly menace: the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer lurking with turbo lasers and ion cannons at the ready! Using the official digital files from the Lucas film archives, QMx has crafted a 1:30000 scale replica of the ship that captured Princess Leia's Blockade Runner in the opening moments of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Cast in a solid steel alloy, this highly detailed model is just 2 Inch long and comes equipped with a key ring, ready to dominate star systems - or take you to the store.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: QMX
  • UPC: 812095020029
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LEGO Super Star Destroyer Bridge | Custom Star Wars

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Beyond the Brick's Joshua Hanlon talks with Kevin Wanner about his. LEGO Executor-class Super Star Destroyer bridge scene at BrickCon 2018. Follow Kevin on Flickr: 🔔Subscribe for awesome new LEGO videos every day! 👕Our new merch store with exclusive LE...

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IN-DEPTH BREAKDOWN - Imperial-class Star Destroyer - Star Wars Ships & Vehicles Lore Explained

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Ever wanted to see how an Imperial-class Star Destroyer works? Well take a look inside a Star Destroyer and see where the Tie Fighters, Bombers, and Interceptors are located (along with a ton of other ships including AT-AT and AT-ST) . But also learn how this Star Wars capital ship works in compa...

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