Universal Starter Heat Shield Barrier Blanket, prevents premature starter failure - Thermal Zero - Fits starters on Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, Small Block, Big Block engines and many more.

Universal Starter Heat Shield Barrier Blanket, prevents premature

Width (in) 7" Length (in) 22" Wrap Material Aluminized Backed Thermal Fiber Wrap Color White underside Temperature Rating (degrees F) 2000 degree Fahrenheit Instillation Stainless Ties Quantity of ties included 2 23" stainless ties Thickness (in) 1/8 (.13 in) Quantity 1 mat High performance applications get hot... So we here at Thermal Zero designed a universal starter shield that will protect your starter (whatever size it may be, big small or somewhere in between) that sits close to your exhaust or any other heat source. Our high temp heat shield with protect any starter from a source of heat that could cause premature internal starter failure. Thermal Zero insulation utilizes our own thermal technology to provide superior protection from heat that may exit the exhaust pipe. They lower engine bay temperatures and help to create more horsepower. Our wrap can withstand temperatures of up 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The wraps provide great protection for motorcycle pipes, while also creating that old school look. Our wraps contain NO ASBESTOS. And each of our different kinds of Thermal Zero Heat Wraps, Aluminized Shields and Turbo Beanies or Shields have been dynamometer tested, by us, in our own shop with our own dyno. So we know the product we are selling is the most premium and be...

  • Color: Chrome/Silver
  • Brand: Thermal Zero
  • ASIN: B0045T5E4O
  • UPC: 856568002112

Design Engineering 010402 Versa-Shield Starter Heat Shield Wrap, 7" x 1'

Design Engineering 010402 Versa-Shield Starter Heat Shield Wrap,

The DEI Versa-Shield was designed to protect starters from potential failure caused by under-hood heat soak conditions. Constructed using an aluminized heat reflective material backed with a hi-temp rated glass fiber insulation barrier, Versa-Shield is capable of reflecting radiant heat up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply wrap the desired component with Versa-Shield and trim excess material. Edges attach to itself using a hook & loop edge closure design. In most cases there is no need to remove the component when installing Versa-Shield.

  • Color: N/A
  • Brand: Design Engineering
  • ASIN: B000E283QC
  • UPC: 607078104021

Design Engineering 010236 ONYX Series Starter Heat Shield, 7" x 2'

Design Engineering 010236 ONYX Series Starter Heat Shield,

The ONYX Series Starter Shield from DEI, provides reliable heat protection for starters under severe duty or extreme heat. Starters exposed to heat soak often malfunction or have problems starting reliably. DEI's next generation ONYX Series Starter Shield provides the highest level of thermal protection to prevent starter malfunction due to heat soak. The ONYX Series Starter Shield combines two technologically advanced textiles into a dual layer for maximum thermal control. The outer layer is made from heat treated glass fiber bonded with molten aluminum then formed into a tight weave for added strength and durability. The inner layer is made of a specially treated, high temperature resistant fabric (89% silica). Combined, these materials protect the starter up to 1350 degrees Fahrenheit of direct heat. The ONYX Series shield has a rich, black finish and is sized 7" width by 24" length. The length can be trimmed to size for added convenience and fastens with a hook and loop fastening system that makes it easy to install without the trouble of removing the starter. Multi-purpose in design and fit, this shield also can be used to wrap most master cylinders, distributors, fuel pumps and many other components.

  • Color: Onyx
  • Brand: Design Engineering
  • ASIN: B01D678XCA
  • UPC: 607078102362

Thermo-Tec 14150 Starter Heat Shield, 7" x 22"

Thermo-Tec 14150 Starter Heat Shield, 7" x

In today's high-heat environment, starters take in a lot of damaging heat that destroys the windings of the starter and solenoid. To combat this problem, Thermo-Tec created a non-conductive strap-on heat shield with a highly-reflective Mylar surface. The Starter Heat Shield will reflect over 90% of radiant heat, adding life to the starter and assuring reliable starts. The Starter Heat Shield is a universal kit that fits all starters and include SnapStrap fasteners for ease of installation.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Thermo-Tec
  • ASIN: B00029KCWK
  • UPC: 155829141509

Design Engineering 010235 Ultra 47 Starter Shield for Extreme High Heat, 7" x 2'

Design Engineering 010235 Ultra 47 Starter Shield for

Designed for severe duty use, the DEI Ultra 47 Starter Shield offers the highest level of protection. Constructed of two layers of material, a highly reflective outer layer combined with a high heat inner layer and able to withstand direct heat of up to 1350 degrees Fahrenheit, the Ultra 47 is the perfect choice for EXTREME high heat applications where engine heat soak is a problem. Measures 24 inches by 7 inches.

  • Brand: Design Engineering
  • UPC: 607078102355

Vulcan GM LS Starter Heat Shield Cover Wrap Reflective Mylar - Made In USA

Vulcan GM LS Starter Heat Shield Cover Wrap

GM LS Starter Heat Shield Wrap Reflective Mylar - Made In USA Reflective Mylar Heat Shield Wrap - Made In USA Fits the LS Starter Prevent starter and solenoid failure from heat Protects up to 2000 degree Fahrenheit (1093.3 Celsius) Held by hook & loop Velcro (no stainless wrap needed) Made in USA

  • Brand: Vulcan
  • ASIN: B073HLF9P1
  • UPC: 693614451872

Heatshield Products (501071) Lava Starter Shield, 3-1/2" Wide x 18" Long for High Torque Starters

Heatshield Products (501071) Lava Starter Shield, 3-1/2" Wide

Heat-cooked starter motors and starter solenoids are a thing of the past, thanks to the Heatshield Products Lava Starter Shield. Specially engineered to protect these electric components that are mounted in the hottest part of the engine bay, Lava Starter Shield is made using Heatshield Products patented and proven crushed volcanic rock fiber. This is an ideal thermal barrier when there is less than 1-inch of airspace between the starter and heat sources such as headers, and also works great when there is more airspace. Lava Starter Shield has a cool, carbon-fiber appearance, and it does not conduct electricity, unlike nearly all competitive thermal barriers. That means that you don't have to worry about an electrical short that could occur with exposed starter terminals coming in contact with the shield. Protecting the starter motor and solenoid from excessive heat will extend the life of these products, improve starter cranking performance when hot and reduce electrical amp draw while starting under hot conditions. Lava Starter Shield protects the starter from constant temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, and short-term temps as high as 2,000 degrees. Lava Starter Shield is easy to install and typically doesn't require starter removal. Using heat-resistant and dura...

  • Brand: Heatshield Products
  • ASIN: B01126RCFQ
  • UPC: 819825014280

7MO Car Vinyl Wrap Tool Kit for Starter Vinyl Film Installation 1 Set

7MO Car Vinyl Wrap Tool Kit for Starter

Car Vinyl Wrapping Tools Specification: 1. Product Type: Car Vinyl Installation Tool Kit 2. Car Compatibility: Universal 3. Compatibility: Perfect for all vinyl applications-window tint film, paint protection film,decals,solar film,decals, wrap film and car vinyl wrapping Package Included: 1 Set (8 Pieces) as below: 1 x Blue TECKWRAP Medium-hard Professional Squeegee 4 x Black Adhesive Felt Eadge Tips 1 x Pair of Black Cotton Gloves 1 x 9mm 60 Degree Precision Utility Knife 1 x box of 30 degree blades(10 pieces per box) 4 x Black Gripper Magnet Holder 1 x Orange Squeegee 1 x Protint Bondo Card with Magnet & Oragne Felt Feature: A.Self-adhesive Pre-cut Flet Buffers Minimize scratches and reduce damage, scrape off the bubbles downright under the film, prevent glass,car paint and film Widely used in pad pasting, wallpaper pasting, glass cleanning and vehicles vinyl removal in wet or dry. B.Orange Squeegee Our translucent sooper stiff squeegee is great for applying on to solid flat substrate and rigid surfaces. C.Double-duty magnet squeegee Hold your graphics on the car; Keeps your tools in front of you instead of on the ground or in your pocket D.Magnets with Grip Essential tools for holding the panels on a vehicle while the backing paper is removed. E.Ultra-slim Cutter Slim Design...

  • Color: Upgraded Starter Kit
  • Brand: 7MO
  • ASIN: B074FT8RPR

ARTR Titanium Lava Fiber 2" x 50' Exhaust Header Wrap Kit with 10pcs 11.8 Inch Stainless Locking Ties

ARTR Titanium Lava Fiber 2" x 50' Exhaust

ARTR titanium exhaust wrap is made from pulverized lava rock and stranded into a fiber material and woven into a proprietary weave. Titanium wrap is engineered to be stronger than most wraps and more durable for improved thermal performance and reliability. Perfect for any automotive or motorcycle application!Use gloves when wrapping otherwise your hand may feel itchy.As with all exhaust wraps, during the first one or two heat cycles, the stuff smokes a bit. No worries.

  • Brand: ARTR
  • ASIN: B012C5FOLK
  • UPC: 713331139232

Plain Aluminum Fits Chevy Compact Mini Starter Heat Shield/Cover

Plain Aluminum Fits Chevy Compact Mini Starter Heat

Aluminum heat shields are a must for any Fits Chevy race engine. Prevents the heat of your exhaust from cooking the starter and solenoid. Easy to install.Cover fits Speedway starter motors # 91067440 and 91067439.

  • Brand: Speedway Motors
  • ASIN: B075NLT713
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