28-Inch Large Tactile Sensory Ball with Bumps for Children, Kids, and Teens - Strengthen Core Muscles, Motor Skills, and Socialization, and Enhances Tactile Development

28-Inch Large Tactile Sensory Ball with Bumps for

Keep children active all day long with the Fun and Function Tactile Sensory BallSmooth, Yet Bumpy!The Fun and Function tactile sensory ball is an exercise ball covered with hundreds of small bumps that make play interaction more stimulating. Just sitting on the ball engages core muscles and enhances body awareness, balance, gross motor skills and attention. Offering a tactile feel, our ball is ideal for sensory seekers, providing great sensory stimulation and it helps reduce stress and anxiety. Kids with ADD, ADHD, OCD, or autism can engage in a few activities with this eye catching ball. We've even it used for exercise, play, and active seating in classroom, board games, gyms, studio, indoor and outdoor play.Warning: Choking Hazard - Has small parts, and is not suitable for children under 3 years.28 inches in diameterColor: blueHolds up to 200 poundsFor Ages 3+Requires high volume air pump (sold separately)

  • Brand: Fun and Function
  • UPC: 085687334730

Spiky Tactile Cushion with Pump - Active Seating, Balance Training, Tactile Input - Posture Training for Kids - 13 Inch Diameter

Spiky Tactile Cushion with Pump - Active Seating,

The spiky tactile cushion has many therapeutic uses for children's physical, mental and emotional health. This colorful, wacky-looking cushion can improve both posture and focus at the same time. With spikes on one side and bumps on the other, kids can choose which they prefer on any given day. This spiky cushion combines tactile input with balance training or active seating for enhanced focus and concentration. Is your child having trouble keeping their attention focused on studies? This cushion may be the answer, and this kind of innovative therapy is fun! It's also a great solution for wigglers, allowing movement that will help to improve their attention skills and, as it happens, help them to stay still. The tactile cushion is highly recommended for kids with ADD and sensory processing problems. If you wish to adjust the cushion's hardness, you can add air to inflate or deflate as needed. For adding air, you will need a hand pump (not included). Get help with developmental delays, balance, attention, homework problems, sensory seeking, sensory avoiding or school difficulties with the miracle spiky cushion! Spikes on one side; smooth slightly raised bumps on the other13-inch diameter Cushion can be inflated to 4.25 inches Made from PVC materialLatex-free Comes inflated; d...

  • Brand: Fun and Function
  • ASIN: B001LL3PN6

Gonge Riverstones


Stepping stones to better coordination, balance, and fun. The Riverstones are inspired by stepping stones in a river with each side of the triangle varying in steepness and difficulty. The purpose is to jump from stone to stone without touching the floor - you can vary the position of the stones to create more challenging paths for advanced children. Each stone has rubber studs on the base which prevent them from slipping, and also protect indoor floor areas. Builds children’s confidence when jumping, judging distances, coordinating and balancing. Set of 6 riverstones. Can withstand weights up to 220 lbs. (110 kgs). Grades PreK-3. Ages 3-7.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Gonge
  • UPC: 787799989319

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Balance Stepping Stones - Early Learning & Development for Kids with 10 Soft Stones

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Balance Stepping Stones - Early Learning

Let your imagination lead the way with National Geographic Kids. Our uniquely flexible Soft Stepping Stones enhance any obstacle course or game of “The Floor is Lava” both indoors and out. These stones come in 5 bright colors and 2 different sizes. Set up our stepping stones for play dates, birthday parties, or school activities for hours of active fun. Teacher recommended for early learning and development, these sensory stones are sure to encourage and inspire active play.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • ASIN: B07H7RGM89
  • UPC: 816448025976

Balance Pods Set - 1 Pair Hedgehog Style Domed Stability Pods for Children and Adults, Blue

Balance Pods Set - 1 Pair Hedgehog Style

Balance Pods The Bintiva Balance Pods come in a set of 2 in a choice of purple or blue. They are crafted from professional grade materials and are top quality. Each pod measures 6.25 inches in diameter and are 3.5 inches high. The pods sizing is designed for use with adults and children of all ages and sizes. A starter guide is included with the set. Benefits Therapists and trainers recommend the use of the balance pods, as well as use them within their own sessions. The balance pods work the muscles of the abdomen, back and pelvis to address core strength, toning, balance, posture and coordination. They can also be used to treat plantar fasciitis and fallen arches. Versatility Activities and exercises using these pods range in levels of difficulty. Depending on the individual using them and the purpose they are being used for, the balance pods can be used dome side up for an increased balance and strength challenge, or dome side down to provide increased stability. The textured points on the domed side provide added tactile stimulation.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: bintiva
  • UPC: 764966412481



3 years & up. Make a path or par course with our multi tactile discs. Great indoor and out. Non skidding and soft on the feet. Comes with storage bag. Set offers innumerable possibilities in play ranging from a fundamental sensing of tactile structures to blindfold games based on memory and recognition. Tactile Discs Contain five different, pleasurable tactile structures, each with their own color. They challenge children to develop sense of touch with hands and feet. Five large disc (11") for positioning on the floor, five small disc (4") so children can hold it.

  • Brand: Gonge
  • ASIN: B0011EIMGI

Playzone-fit Stepping Stones

Playzone-fit Stepping

2 large stones and 3 regular size included. Provide endless opportunities for paths of balance and fun. Easy set up allows kids to create a variety of stone paths themselves. Multiple sizes encourage stacking and organizing that enhance thinking and imagination.

  • Color: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange
  • Brand: Playzone-fit
  • ASIN: B01897PAFK
  • UPC: 855388005938



  • Brand: Gonge

Weplay Tactile Balance Path, Set of 8 Curved and 8 Straight Sections

Weplay Tactile Balance Path, Set of 8 Curved

Balance Path offers a variety of tactile stimuli, while challenging children's balancing skills. Contains 8 curved and 8 straight foam sections that can be linked and arranged in a variety of ways. Each section measures 5-1/4 x 19 x 2-1/2 in. Set of 16 pieces.

  • Brand: Weplay
  • ASIN: B0042SZ3GM

Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo

Fat Brain Toys Tobbles

Young minds revel in stacking, toppling, and the discovery of endless ingenuity as they explore these uniquely contoured spheres. Watch as they precariously balance, neatly nest, and incessantly spin beyond your expectation!

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Fat Brain Toys
  • UPC: 791385276820

Weplay Tactile Straight Path - Master Carton

Weplay Tactile Straight Path - Master

This is a MASTER CARTON of 2 full sets of the Weplay(TM) Tactile Path - Straight, each set is individually packaged. Weplay Tactile Straight Path comes with 4 Blue and 4 Red pieces. Each piece is approximately 19 inches in length. The pieces easily fit together to make a long balance beam. Keeping the beam close to the floor allows children to work on their balance at a safer height before moving to a more challenging level. Each piece has anti-slip tabs on the bottom. The top is covered in tactile bumps for sensory input. Maximum weight is 176 lbs.

  • Brand: Weplay
  • ASIN: B071SH2TKR

Abilitations Tactile Step-N-Stones Walk-On Domes - Set of 6 - 6 Colors

Abilitations Tactile Step-N-Stones Walk-On Domes - Set of

Abilitations Tactile Step-N-Stones Walk-On Domes are covered in cushioned, smooth bumps to help provide tactile feedback for children with sensory processing issues. Activities may help increase spatial awareness and assist with gross motor skills. Step-N-Stones' convex undersurface acts like a suction cup to reduce slippage on smooth surfaces, and they return immediately to their inflated state, ready for the next foot. Set includes 6 phthalate-free PVC plastic walk-on domes in colors red, yellow, blue, green, violet and orange. Special needs products are designed to improve sensory processing, positioning and mobility, fine and gross motor skills, and language and communication skills for students with learning challenges. Sensory processing products and exercises can help the nervous system receive messages from the senses and turn them into appropriate motor and behavioral responses.School Specialty manufactures and distributes instructional materials and supplies under dozens of brands, among them Abilitations, Think Math, Delta Education, Frey Scientific, Childcraft, School Smart, and Speech Bin. The company, founded in 1959, is headquartered in Greenville, WI.

  • Color: Assorted Colors
  • Brand: Abilitations
  • ASIN: B0042SR0S6

Special Supplies 11-Pieces Set Stepping Stones for Kids Indoor and Outdoor Balance Blocks Promote Coordination, Balance, Strength Child Safe Rubber, Non-Slip Edging

Special Supplies 11-Pieces Set Stepping Stones for Kids

Inspire adventure in your small child with balance stepping stones that promote physical activity, balance, coordination, and active play. If your child needs a great outlet to help build up their confidence while strengthening the body, there's nothing more fun and original than rubber Special Supplies Riverstones that let them step, "climb", jump, hop, and practice moving with purpose and determination. A great way to get your child active, these rubber balance blocks feature a slip-resistant edge to keep them from sliding off and hurting toes and ankles and come in various sizes which allow them to progress in their "climbing" skill. These stepping stones can be used in limitless variations and play styles, letting your child come up with imaginative game types like "The Floor is Lava", adventure mount climbing, and so much more. Product Details: Indoor and Outdoor Stepping Stones Fun, Creative Play for Kids Promote Coordination, Balance, Strength Vary in Size and Steepness Rubber Edge to Prevent Slipping Recommended Ages: 3-7 Support Up to 220 lbs. Each Satisfaction Guaranteed 11-Piece Stone Set Includes: Four (4) Small Four (4) Medium Two (2) Large One (1) Extra Large Give your kid's a fun way to expend energy, improve coordination and balance, and see...

  • Brand: Special Supplies
  • ASIN: B07F7P82Q9
  • UPC: 859756007562

Inflated Stability Wobble Cushion, Including Free Pump / Exercise Fitness Core Balance Disc,Blue,size: 13 inches / 33 cm diameter

Inflated Stability Wobble Cushion, Including Free Pump /

Balance Disc Uses> The Bintiva balance disc is an important strengthening tool to be used by adults and children. The simple act of sitting on the disc activates core abdominal and trunk muscles. Flexor and extensor muscles work in tandem to keep your balance on the disc while continuously strengthening and toning. Through these small, continuous motions that you are making, deep core muscles are constantly stimulated and enhanced. It is very important to maintain an upright posture while seated on the disc. It is however, not meant for sitting only. You can actually stand, kneel, and do all sorts of exercises on it, thereby increasing the benefits of those exercise routines. The disc can also be used as a textured seat cushion and is great for children who have trouble sitting still. The disc allows them to wiggle and move around while staying seated. Educators and parents alike report great success using them to help calm children who have a hard time sitting still; they have recognized that, for many restless children, these "wiggly" seat cushions have a calming effect. Like all Bintiva products, our discs are backed by a 100% manufacturers warranty.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: bintiva
  • ASIN: B00IUNL260
  • UPC: 610563431472

PlayMonster Yeti in My Spaghetti

PlayMonster Yeti in My

Who knew yetis liked spaghetti?!? We did! In this wacky, fun game, The noodles are laid across the bowl and Yeti is just sitting there on the noodles. But as you remove the noodles one by one (be careful!), Yeti could fall into the bowl, and that would mean you lose! For 2 or more players, ages 4 and up.

  • Color: Multi-colored
  • Brand: PlayMonster
  • UPC: 793631795628

Weplay Tactile Path Blocks

Weplay Tactile Path

KT0003 Features: -Straight and curvy boards which can be arranged into numerous paths.-Dimples on the board stimulate nerves on the sole of the foot.-Set helps improve the sense of balance.-Combination set for T0004 (straight path)and T0005 (curve path).-For ages 2 years and up.-Material: Plastic. Includes: -Set includes: 8 curved pieces, 8 straight pieces.

  • Brand: Weplay
  • ASIN: B003L78M3Q

Electron Counter Balance (Interactive Remix)

Electron Counter Balance (Interactive


Li'l Gen Water Beads with Fine Motor Skills Toy Set, Non-Toxic Water Sensory Toy for Kids - 20,000 Beads with 2 Scoops and Tweezers for Early Skill Development

Li'l Gen Water Beads with Fine Motor Skills

Li'l Gen Water Beads with Fine Motor Skills Toy Set, Non-Toxic Water Sensory Toy for Kids, Early Skill Development, Eco-Friendly 20,000 Beads with 2 Scoops and Tweezers, At Li'l Gen, we not only value the importance of early childhood development; we think enjoyment is just as crucial! That's why we made it our mission to disguise learning and skill development tools beneath entertaining toys and interactive activities. With our new sensory water beads set, we aim to engage kids with colors, textures, and imagination. Our scoopers and tweezers promote hand-eye coordination, while the attention-grabbing colors encourage matching, sorting, and mixing. In addition to promoting skills, the texture and feeling of the water beads foster feelings of calm and relaxation amongst children. Li'l Gen's Interactive Water Beads Tool Set promote: *Sorting and Matching *Imaginary and Representative Play *Color Recognition *Hand-Eye Coordination *Comfort and Relaxation In turn this makes it very popular and loved amongst special education students, teachers and therapists, autistic children, and children and toddlers suffering from SPD - sensory processing disorders. Our L'il Gen Water Beads (compare to Orbeez) can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Here are just some of the fun way...

  • Brand: Li'l-Gen
  • ASIN: B07B4K45VH
  • UPC: 853042008004

Wiggle Seat for Kids:: Inflatable Wobble Cushion/Wiggle Cushion | Flexible Seating - Perfect for Classroom & Home :: Ages 3 & Up, 13 x

Wiggle Seat for Kids:: Inflatable Wobble Cushion/Wiggle Cushion

Made of anti-burst PVC, our inflatable sensory cushion helps kids (3 & up) curb the wiggles. Comes with free hand pump. Do you parent or teach a child who has: •Sensory-processing issues•A simple case of the wiggles? Try the solution recommended by therapists: the LakiKid wiggle seat cushion. Unlike big, bulky therapy balls, it's super-slim, light & portable, so it's ideal for both home & classroom. Best of all, it can help your wiggleworm stay focused during school, meals & homework. Easy to Use Simply use the free hand pump (included) to inflate your new wiggle seat in seconds. Pump it up to the max for a firmer yet wobblier seat – ideal for balance training. Or, fill with a little less air for more sensory stimulation. Then position it on a chair or floor. Thanks to its slip-resistant design, it stays in place without sliding all over. Plus, with its rugged PVC construction, it can bear up to 150 lbs. ... so tots, teens & even some adults can safely sit & stand on it. Ideal for Active Kids One side of your new wobble cushion is smooth. The other side's covered with slightly raised "bumps." This highly tactile surface: •Helps kids with excess energy, stay calm & boost concentration•Gives hyperactive kids an outlet for the fidgets... so they'll bounce in their seats, n...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: LakiKid
  • ASIN: B078QDL578
  • UPC: 786830275046

ThinkFun Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up - Tons of Fun With Over 20 Awards Won, International Bestseller for Over 20 Years

ThinkFun Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game and

  • Brand: Think Fun
  • ASIN: B00000DMER
  • UPC: 793631558636
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