EISCO Borosilicate Glass Burette, with PTFE Stopcock, 50mL Capacity, 0.10mL Graduation Class 'B'

EISCO Borosilicate Glass Burette, with PTFE Stopcock, 50mL

This EISCO burette is for laboratory use and has a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) plastic plunger stopcock for resistance to chemicals, moisture, and high temperatures. Made of class 'B' borosilicate glass. PTFE plastic is a strong, low-friction material that has smooth transfer, high surface release, and nonstick properties. It has high chemical resistance, and resists moisture, high temperatures, flames, thermal expansion, and ultraviolet (UV) exposure. PTFE has low temperature toughness. The burette has 50 mL capacity with 0.10mL graduation, and is suitable for high school or college students, or ages 14 to 21. Clamp not included

  • Brand: EISCO
  • UPC: 849230016852

LaMotte 7057-01 Model QAC2-DC QAC Quat Test Kit, Drop Count Titration, 100+ Tests

LaMotte 7057-01 Model QAC2-DC QAC Quat Test Kit,


  • Brand: LaMotte
  • ASIN: B0085B3VMK

Eisco Labs Basic Titration Kit - 50ml Burette - Acrylic Class B, 24" (60cm) Rod, 8"x5" Heavy Base, Clamp, Boss Head

Eisco Labs Basic Titration Kit - 50ml Burette

Putting together all the supplies needed to do titration experiments can be frustrating. With this kit you will receive everything needed in one kit: 60cm Stainless Steel Rod, Powder Coated Base (20 X 12.5cm), Rubber Coated Burette Clamp with Boss Head, 50ml Burette

  • Brand: EISCO
  • ASIN: B01HN27FSM

Hach 145300 Total Hardness Test Kit, Model 5-B

Hach 145300 Total Hardness Test Kit, Model

Water hardness is caused almost entirely by calcium and magnesium ions. Other di- and trizalent metals have a similar effect, but usually are not present in high enough concentration in potable waters to cause problems. Hardness increases soap consumption in laundries and causes scale in boilers. Hardness test kits include the inexpensive Models 5-B and 5-EP designed for those needing quick checks on the efficiency of water softeners. More sophisticated test kits allow the determination of total hardness as well as calcium and magnesium (by difference).

  • Brand: Hach Company
  • ASIN: B008FM7WLU
  • UPC: 628586635708

Acid Testing Kit

Acid Testing

A wine that is too high in acid will have a harsh tart or acidic taste. If the acid level is too low, the wine will taste flat and bland. Use this acid testing Kit to Test the acid level of your must, then adjust accordingly. This Kit comes complete with Test vial, syringe, color solution, Sodium hydroxide and detailed Instructions.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies
  • ASIN: B0064OFUCY

Water Quality Tester, Accurate and Reliable, HoneForest TDS Meter, EC Meter & Temperature Meter 3 in 1, 0-9990ppm, Ideal Water Test Meter for Drinking Water, Aquariums, etc.

Water Quality Tester, Accurate and Reliable, HoneForest TDS

Super accurate, reliable and easy to use TDS, EC &Temp water tester reader, with backlit and auto-lock function, 3 years warranty and 90 days money back guarantee. This advanced digital ppm meter pen with Advanced Microprocessor Technology, combines TDS Meter(Total Dissolved Solids), EC Meter(Electrical Conductivity) and Temperature meter all in one ergonomically designed pen. Widely be used for all Water Quality Testing, Water Purification Applications, Aquaculture, Hydroponic, Pool & Spa, Colloidal Silver, Water Treatment and more. It's a must have handy tool for every household, testing for tap water, filtered water, distilled water, bottled water, well water, refrigerated water, etc. Features: * Automatic Temperature Compensation(ATC) * Equipped with backlit LCD for easy reading. If TDS≤40, the backlit color is green, If TDS>40, the backlit color is red. * Auto-Lock Function: From test beginning, the reading can be stabilized in seconds, and locked automatically for easy read and record. * Hold Function: Before reading locked automatically, the reading can be locked manually if press "HOLD". * Factory Calibrated: No need calibration by user. * Auto-Off in 2 Minutes to conserve battery. * A colorful TDS chart on the back to explains ppm readings. * Includes a protect...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: HoneForest
  • ASIN: B073713G5F
  • UPC: 685642943528

Acid Test Strips For Wine (2.8 to 4.4 pH), 100-Count

Acid Test Strips For Wine (2.8 to 4.4

Includes: (100) Strips of pH Testing PaperThis is the perfect pH paper for testing your water during the wine making process. You just place a drop of water on the end and then match it up against the color coding chart. Much more economical than a pH pen.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Precision Laboratories
  • ASIN: B01994XH2U
  • UPC: 726682992630

Eisco Labs Research Grade Lab Starter Kit - Includes 24" Rod, 8"x5" Retort Base, Beaker Tongs, Crucible Tongs, Burette/Test Tube Clamp, Ring Stand (and more)

Eisco Labs Research Grade Lab Starter Kit -

This laboratory kit has everything you need to start up, or supplement your wet or dry bench for chemistry, biology, physics, geology, or biotechnology. It is a 13 piece kit that would cost significant more time and money to source all parts to get you going. The kit is made of research grade epoxy and powder coated components. Perfect for outfitting a basic or advanced lab.

  • Brand: EISCO
  • ASIN: B00C5LUHB4
  • UPC: 849230034443

Chemical Analysis Using Titrations Kit - Materials for up to 10 Student Groups - Innovating Science

Chemical Analysis Using Titrations Kit - Materials for

A major challenge for any scientist is identifying what and how much of something is in a solution. One of the most common measurement techniques used is titration. The activities in this kit will focus on how acid-base titrations work and how to identify the concentration of an unknown acid. Kit contains enough materials for 10 groups. Teachers manual and Student Study Guide copy masters are included.Kit includes:(10) 10ml 0.01M Sodium Hydroxide(10) 2mL 0.1N Hydrochloric Acid(10) 1.5mL Phenolphthalein Indicator(10) 1mL Universal Indicator(10) Universal Indicator Color Charts(10) Reaction VesselsFor Laboratory Use Only. Not for drug, food or household use. Keep out of reach of children. For more information, refer to the Safety Data Sheet.

  • Brand: Innovating Science
  • ASIN: B01E60CKES
  • UPC: 724832025153



About the Taylor Technologies K-2006 Pool Test Kit, Complete Service Drop Test Kit For Acid Base Demand, Total Akalinity, amp; Calcium HardnessThe Taylor Technologies K-2006 2000 pool test kit comes complete with FASDPD bromine test for acid base demand, total akalinity, and calcium hardness. This drop tester kit is unlike the OT method which will distinguish between free available chlorine and total chlorine for a accurate reading.

  • Color: Blue box
  • Brand: taylor
  • ASIN: B004BGF7TI
  • UPC: 840036004463
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