iPower GLFANXCONTROL Exhaust Variable Speed Adjuster for Duct Inline Fan Vent Blower, HVAC Controls, 350W, Black

iPower GLFANXCONTROL Exhaust Variable Speed Adjuster for Duct

iPower is the leading manufacturer of grow light systems, supplying the gardeners worldwide for over a decade. Our goal is to put a light in every garden where needed. In addition to double-ended HPS/MH and ceramic MH technology, we offer digital ballasts, super HPS and MH lamps, fluorescent, and LED lighting. From hobbyist to commercial applications, we offer a broad spectrum of garden tools and equipment in hydroponics, irrigation, climate control, and structures to help your garden thrive. Features: Rotary knob control with 4 options: Off, Low, Medium, and High Ultra-compact and plugs directly into an outlet Plug-and-play for easy installation 1 Mounting Tab for wall mounting No messy wires!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: iPower
  • ASIN: B0714FFG4F
  • UPC: 799441267652

Stadea SWP103K Variable Speed Wet Polisher Grinder Electric Wet Sander - Granite Countertop Polishing Kit

Stadea SWP103K Variable Speed Wet Polisher Grinder Electric

The Stadea SWP103K, 5 Inch DTM+ Electric Wet Sander Variable Speed Wet Polisher Grinder with 4" Pads for granite stone fabrication designed for ease of use, power, control and durability. The kit includes 4" diamond polishing pads 8 pads set and 4" backing pad. Designed For Excellence Features robust DTM+ Motor Gear System to ensure the optimal speed and power needed for stone wet or dry polishing, fabrication. Head Heavy Polisher Design together with out of core back-handle design minimizes back hand work fatigue and increase pressure on polishing surface of granite concrete. Improved Grip-Size Out of Core Ergonomic Back Handle design minimizes back hand fatigue during usage. New comfortable back hand grip from classic oversize main body hand-grip across air vents. It eliminates air-vent hand blockage improving motor performance and durability. Electrical Safety GFCI - Cuts off electricity on hazardous electrical shock Double Insulation - Enhanced electrical safety Ease Of Use Under Water Feed - Minimizes polishing interference Water Pressure Control & Water Stopper In-built water quick-connect from water hose Three-hole water sprayer for even water distribution to unclogs cut particles Water Splash Guard - Splash guard to control water spill, Vacuum connector minimizes dust dur...

  • Brand: STADEA
  • ASIN: B071DVTFZ9
  • UPC: 841674114033

CISNO Variable Fan Speed Controller Hydroponics Air Duct Booster Inline Blower Exhaust

CISNO Variable Fan Speed Controller Hydroponics Air Duct

Specification: Voltage: AC120V,60Hz 5A Max. Power: 600W Package include: 1x Speed Controller 1x Manual

  • Brand: CISNO

Dri Eaz Velo PRO Air Mover F505 Professional Water Damage Dryer for Carpets, Walls, Floors, 1.2 Amps on Low Saves Power, Variable Speed, High Velocity, Quiet, Well Built, Daisy Chains, Blue

Dri Eaz Velo PRO Air Mover F505 Professional

Over 70% of water damage restoration professionals use high quality Dri-Eaz equipment because it's durable, reliable, delivers high performance and is backed by an excellent warranty. Use the Velo Pro in multiple positions to dry areas after a leak or flood, dry walls, ceilings, floors, even ventilate and move air. Compact size goes easily into any vehicle, easy to carry and weighs just 21 lbs., plus stacks securely for storage. Low amp draw is energy efficient. Connect and operate up to 10 at a time on one household circuit.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Dri-Eaz
  • ASIN: B00KWH4VY2
  • UPC: 847136000746

Ideal-Air 700515 Fan Speed Controller

Ideal-Air 700515 Fan Speed

Works with AC/DC brush-type motors 15 amps or less. Three adjustable switch settings: full, variable and off. When switch is set to variable, adjustable knob controls fan speed. 6 ft - 120 volt power cord and up to 15 amps. Will not work with soft or slow-start motors.

  • Color: 3.4
  • Brand: Ideal-Air
  • UPC: 847127002810

Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo Variable Speed High Performance Pool Pump, 3 Horsepower, 230 Volt, 1 Phase - Energy Star Certified

Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo Variable Speed High Performance Pool

Traditional pumps operate at set, unchangeable speeds. Those speeds are almost always higher than required. As a result, they overpower the jobs they're assigned to do, which wastes energy. Intelliflo allows custom programming of optimum pump speeds for specific tasks such as filtering, heating, cleaning, spa jets and waterfalls. for virtually all applications, the optimum speed is lower than the preset, unchangeable speeds of older pumps. When water moves more slowly for longer periods, it helps reduce the occurrence of algae that forms more easily when water is pumped briskly and then allowed to rest for long intervals. Your filter works more effectively because it has more time to sift out particles from the water, and because particles aren't forced through the Filter media under needlessly high pressure. Automatic chemical dispensers and chlorinators also work better when water is kept moving.

  • Color: Beige
  • Brand: Pentair
  • ASIN: B007E4VWNO
  • UPC: 788379807368

Vornado 5303DC Energy Smart Small Air Circulator Fan with Variable Speed Control

Vornado 5303DC Energy Smart Small Air Circulator Fan

The 5303DC is Vornado's debut circulator in the new Energy Smart family. Combining sleek style with a more-powerful airflow (up to 80'), the brushless DC motor uses up to 80 percent less energy, bringing modern efficiency to the home. A return to variable speed puts you in precise control of your environment via 99 unique airflow settings, and an energy-saving timer shuts off the air when it's not needed. Electronic push-button and touch controls, plus a remote control, bring added convenience. Complete with our 10-year satisfaction guarantee, these DC circulators will keep you comfortable for years (and years) to come.

  • Color: white
  • Brand: Vornado
  • ASIN: B014V3UK5G
  • UPC: 043765010624

DiversiTech IQP-120 120v ClearVue Condensation Pump with Variable Speed

DiversiTech IQP-120 120v ClearVue Condensation Pump with Variable

DiversiTech IQP120 ClearVue Condensation Pump features: Variable Speed Pump The variable lift in ClearVue assures the pump impeller spins only as fast as needed to lift the condensate water to the height needed. A slower spinning impeller means significantly less noise than conventional condensate pumps. Variable speed is a proven, quieting feature in furnace blower motors. Self Cleaning: One of the most common problems in condensate removal is the blockage of a drain line downstream from the condensate pump. By monitoring pumping conditions, ClearVue is able to detect when a drain line is partially/fully clogged. In these cases, ClearVue increases the pressure in the drain line to clear the clog. Float less Sensor The Float less sensor eliminates many of the mechanical problems associated with conventional condensate pumps such as mechanical failure, debris fouling, and misalignment.

  • Brand: Diversitech
  • UPC: 094714265930

TopoGrow Fan Speed Controller Variable Fan Speed Controller Hydroponics fan Exhaust Air With 6" Long 120V Cord Hydroponics (Fan Speed Controller)

TopoGrow Fan Speed Controller Variable Fan Speed Controller

Features: Fuse Protected UL listed for safe use One control switch for 3 settings: Variable Speed, OFF, and Full Speed Speed control dial to control variable speed: Low, Medium or High spee. Built-in a metal clamp at the back of the speed controller Built-in grounded control outlet Come with 6FT Grounded Power Cord with US standard plug Especially convenient for you when the power cord of your fan is not very long Lightweight, practical and easy to use Perfect to control speed for high velocity inline fan and mini blower Package Contents: 1x Fan Speed Controller Note: PLS only using it with FAN that have a universal brush type motor(Eg: Inductive Fan). Do Not use on brushless type motors(Eg: Magnetic Induction Fan).

  • Brand: TopoGrow
  • ASIN: B071GBL32R
  • UPC: 612324132192

J&D Manufacturing VES20 ES Aluminum Shutter Fan, 20" Size, 115V/230V, 1/3 hp, 1 Phase, Variable Speed , Chrome

J&D Manufacturing VES20 ES Aluminum Shutter Fan, 20"

This J&D Manufacturing ES Shutter Fan, model VES20, is 20" in Size, 115/230 Volts, 1/3 HP, 1 Phase, Variable Speed, and comes with an Aluminum Shutter. J&D Manufacturing’s ES Shutter Fan is a durable agriculture grade exhaust fan perfect for barn and building peaks, greenhouses, warehouses and more. ES Shutter Fans are available without a cord, or pre-wired with a cord and plug for “No Electrician Required” installation. Fans ship fully assembled out of the box so you’re up and running in no time!

  • Color: Chrome
  • Brand: J&D Manufacturing
  • ASIN: B00XJH46YM
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