Van Gogh. The Complete Paintings (Bibliotheca Universalis)

Van Gogh. The Complete Paintings (Bibliotheca

Vincent van Gogh’s story is one of the most ironic in art history. Today, he is celebrated the world over as one of the most important painters of all time, recognized with sell-out shows, feted museums, and record prices of tens of millions of dollars at auction.Yet as he was painting the canvases that would subsequently become these sell-out modern masterpieces, van Gogh was battling not only the disinterest of his contemporary audiences but also devastating bouts of mental illness, with episodes of depression and paralyzing anxiety which would eventually claim his life in 1890, when he committed suicide shortly after his 37th birthday.This comprehensive study of Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890) pairs a detailed monograph on his life and art with a complete catalogue of his 871 paintings.

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Van Gogh and the Post-Impressionists for Kids: Their Lives and Ideas, 21 Activities (For Kids series)

Van Gogh and the Post-Impressionists for Kids: Their

Swirling, curling brushstrokes. Vivid colors. Thick layers of paint. These are the hallmarks of a painting by Vincent van Gogh, whose work his fellow artist Paul Cézanne once called “that of a madman.” But Van Gogh and the Post-Impressionists for Kids moves beyond the image of the mad pauper to reveal a complex young man who loved nature and reading, spoke four languages, and enjoyed a successful career as a gallery salesman before embarking on studies as a minister and, finally, finding his calling as an artist.     Kids journey from the Netherlands to Paris to southern France as they learn about van Gogh’s friendships with four other like-minded painters who admired but were determined to depart from Impressionism: Paul Gauguin, Paul Signac, Émile Bernard, and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Aspiring artists and history buffs learn not only how these Post-Impressionists’ daring shapes, colors, and techniques distinguished their work from what was painted before but also how the men helped one another and whether or not they always got along.     Twenty-one creative projects bring history and art to life. Readers will create a Starry Night peep box, make a Pointillist sailboat (that can really sail!), craft a Japanese fold-out album, and much more. The text includes...

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Van Gogh: Complete Works

Van Gogh: Complete

Today, the works of Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890) are among the most well known and celebrated in the world. In paintings such as Sunflowers, The Starry Night, and Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear, we recognize an artist uniquely dexterous in the representation of texture and mood, light and place.Yet in his lifetime, van Gogh battled not only the disinterest of his contemporary audience but also devastating bouts of mental illness. His episodes of depression and anxiety would eventually claim his life, when, in 1890, he committed suicide shortly after his 37th birthday.This comprehensive study of Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890) offers a complete catalogue of his 871 paintings, alongside writings and essays, charting the life and work which continues to tower over art to this day.

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The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh (Penguin Classics)

The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh (Penguin

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Creative Inspiration: Vincent Van Gogh

Creative Inspiration: Vincent Van

Vincent van Gogh's paintings are amongst the most iconic and admired in the world. The trials of his life and health are endlessly discussed but the extraordinary richness of his writings and depth of his thinking on creativity, art and beauty is less explored. In Creative Inspiration, Van Gogh's writings have been edited and selected to create an enlightening, uplifting and helpful book for art lovers and creatives - amateurs and professionals alike.150 carefully selected images illustrate these quotes, focusing on the sketches and drawings that reveal the rigour and ambition with which he approached his work. The book is thematically divided - from Beginnings to Routine to Beauty - and his determination and charisma are shared through words and pictures.A beautiful, and delightfully handy, art book that is designed to inspire.

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Vincent Van Gogh: Portrait of an Artist

Vincent Van Gogh: Portrait of an

This "lively, beautifully written biography" (Kirkus Reviews) of the famous Post-Impressionist artist who painted Starry Night and many other masterpieces is "fascinating reading" (School Library Journal, Starred Review).Vincent Van Gogh—one of the nineteenth century's most brilliant artist—will forever be remembered as the Dutchman who pioneered new techniques and styles and who, in a fit of passion, cut off his own ear.Whether painting a portrait, landscape, or still life, van Gogh sought to capture the vibrant spirit of his subject. Still, fame eluded him. This lack of recognition over a career spanning a mere decade (from ages twenty-seven to thirty-seven) fueled his lifelong self-doubt and bitter disappointments. Today, however, van Gogh's paintings are recognized as masterpieces, and the tormented Dutchman stands as a giant among artists. Vincent Van Gogh: Portrait of An Artist has been selected as a Common Core State Standards Text Exemplar (Grades 6–8, Historical/Social Studies) in Appendix B. It features a sixteen-page insert with family photographs and full-color painting reproductions and includes a glossary of artists and terms, a biographical time line, notes, a bibliography, and locations of museums that display Van Gogh’s work. A ROBERT F. SILBERT HONO...

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The Complete Letters of Vincent Van Gogh: With Reproductions of All the Drawings in the Correspondence

The Complete Letters of Vincent Van Gogh: With

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Vincent Van Gogh: Masters of Art

Vincent Van Gogh: Masters of

This generously illustrated volume on the work of Vincent van Gogh makes the world's greatest art accessible to readers of every level of appreciation. Tracing the arc of van Gogh's career, this volume presents his portraits and self-portraits, landscapes, and haunting interiors. Readers will learn deteails of van Gogh's complicated personal life including his struggles with mental illness and his close but difficult relationship with his brother, Theo. Overflowing with impeccably reproduced images, this book offers full-page spreads of masterpieces as well as highlights of smaller details-allowing the viewer to appreciate every aspect of the artist's technique and oeuvre. Chronologically arranged, the book covers important biographical and historic events that reflect the latest scholarship. Additional information includes a list of works, timeline, and suggestions for further reading.

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Vincent van Gogh Drawings: The Early Years, 1880-83 Volume 1: Volume 1: The Early Years 1880–83

Vincent van Gogh Drawings: The Early Years, 1880-83

Vincent van Gogh's work has had a profound influence on twentieth-century art, and his extraordinary life is almost as renowned as his paintings. A prolific artist, he produced hundreds of paintings and drawings in a career lasting a mere ten years - the last ten years of his life. The largest and most representative collection in the world of Van Gogh's work once belonged to the Van Gogh family, and is now held at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The collection comprises some 200 paintings and 500 drawings, as well as sketchbooks and over 700 letters. This complete catalogue of the collection, to be published in seven volumes, has been meticulously compiled and reflects the most up-to-date research on the artist. Four volumes are devoted to the drawings, and three to the paintings. Vincent Van Gogh Drawings Volume 1: The early years 1880-83 concentrates on the early drawings of Van Gogh, as he embarked upon his professional career as an artist in 1880. It includes sixty-eight drawings reproduced in full-colour, an in-depth analysis of each drawing, and full catalogue details on all works. The series of volumes thus constitutes a complete reference guide to the work of Vincent Van Gogh, and represents the most important recent contribution to studies on the artist.

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Starry Night: Van Gogh at the Asylum

Starry Night: Van Gogh at the

Starry Night is a fully illustrated account of Van Gogh's time at the asylum in Saint-Remy. Despite the challenges of ill health and asylum life, Van Gogh continued to produce a series of masterpieces – cypresses, wheatfields, olive groves and sunsets. He wrote very little about the asylum in letters to his brother Theo, so this book sets out to give an impression of daily life behind the walls of the asylum of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole and looks at Van Gogh through fresh eyes, with newly discovered material.  

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