Water and Wastewater Engineering

Water and Wastewater

An In-Depth Guide to Water and Wastewater Engineering This authoritative volume offers comprehensive coverage of the design and construction of municipal water and wastewater facilities. The book addresses water treatment in detail, following the flow of water through the unit processes and coagulation, flocculation, softening, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, and residuals management. Each stage of wastewater treatment--preliminary, secondary, and tertiary--is examined along with residuals management. Water and Wastewater Engineering contains more than 100 example problems, 500 end-of-chapter problems, and 300 illustrations. Safety issues and operation and maintenance procedures are also discussed in this definitive resource. Coverage includes: Intake structures and wells Chemical handling and storage Coagulation and flocculation Lime-soda and ion exchange softening Reverse osmosis and nanofiltration Sedimentation Granular and membrane filtration Disinfection and fluoridation Removal of specific constituents Drinking water plant residuals management, process selection, and integration Storage and distribution systems Wastewater collection and treatment design considerations Sanitary sewer design Headworks and preliminary treatment Primary treatment Wastewater microbiolo...

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Little Giant 509081 WCR-9SP 115 Volt Wastewater Collection and Removal System, Foam Cover

Little Giant 509081 WCR-9SP 115 Volt Wastewater Collection

Little Giant's WCR-9SP wastewater system is designed for collection and removal of water run-off from lowlying problem areas. The systems are available pre-packaged with a solid structural foam or steel cover. The discharge and electrical connections are made through the side of the basin, allowing the top of the basin to be flush with ground level. No digging is required for servicing the system. The units are equipped with schedule 40 PVC discharge piping with a pre-drilled air bleed hole and a full flow check valve. The unit is also equipped with a 2" bulkhead fitting to easily route power cords out of the basin. The WCR-9S comes equipped with a 4/10 HP 9S Series wastewater and sewage ejector pump. The unit is equipped with cast iron housing and volute which has a protective epoxy coating. Automatic operation is achieved by use of a piggyback mechanical float switch. If, after 30 days, you are having a problem with your Little Giant, Franklin, or Red Lion product, call the Franklin Electric Tech Support Team at 888-956-0000 for Troubleshooting and Warranty Instructions. The Tech Support Team is available M-F from 7:00am-4:30pm CST. If, after 30 days, you are having a problem with your Little Giant, Franklin, or Red Lion product, call the Franklin Electric Tech Support Team at ...

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Membrane Bioreactor Processes: Principles and Applications (Advances in Water and Wastewater Transport and Treatment)

Membrane Bioreactor Processes: Principles and Applications (Advances in

Grasp the Essential Principles of Membrane Bioreactor Processes Evolved from the conventional activated sludge (CAS) process, membrane bioreactor (MBR) processes have become the next-generation solution for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and recycle. Membrane Bioreactor Processes: Principles and Applications explores nearly all the theoretical and practical aspects of membrane bioreactor technologies. Using the author’s expertise obtained from academia and industry, this book provides the crucial details on MBR technology that that you need to know. The book details the theoretical and practical backgrounds of current practices involved with membrane module design, biological and membrane system design, system optimization, and system operation. Outlines the State of the Art of the Membrane Bioreactor Technology The text discusses the fundamentals of membrane filtration, emphasizing the principles of submerged membrane filtration. It also explores the complex interaction among key design and operating parameters, offers comprehensive explanations on the interconnectivity between biological and membrane systems, and covers new findings discovered in recent years. This book clearly explains how small-scale systems perform differently from larger-scale systems a...

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LiquaGen - Aquarium Reef Reverse Osmosis RO/DI Water Filter System + TDS Meter, Pressure Gauge and Patented Waste Water Reducer - ERP 1000 | Flow Rate Increaser with Chloramine Removal

LiquaGen - Aquarium Reef Reverse Osmosis RO/DI Water

Fully loaded RO/DI system with the permeate waste reducer pump, HM digital, and pressure gauge.

  • Brand: LiquaGen
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Planning and Installing Sustainable Onsite Wastewater Systems

Planning and Installing Sustainable Onsite Wastewater

Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.A detailed Guide to Sustainable Decentralized Wastewater SystemsCovering technical principles and practical applications, this comprehensive resource explains how to design and construct sound and sustainable decentralized wastewater systems of varying sizes and in differing geophysical conditions. Planning and Installing Sustainable Onsite Wastewater Systems covers state-of-the-art techniques, materials, and industry practices, and provides detailed explanations for why certain approaches result in more sustainable projects. A rational approach is presented for assessing assimilative capabilities of soils, and selecting methods of wastewater treatment and dispersal that make optimal use of natural treatment processes and site conditions.In-depth design and construction information highlights nonproprietary methods proven to be very sustainable and cost effective on a long-term basis for many geographic settings. Step-by-step illustrations and project examples featuring real-world implementations of onsite wastewater systems are included in this definitive volume.Planning and Installing Sustain...

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Camco Durable Sewer Cap with Hose Connection- Caps the Sewer Connection to Prevent Leaks, Easy Install and Simple Use (39463)

Camco Durable Sewer Cap with Hose Connection- Caps

Camco RV Sewer Cap with Hose Connection is used to cap your sewer connection and prevent leaks. Cap with hose connection allows you to drain grey water tank easily. Bayonet style tabs lock securely to the RV drain valve.

  • Color: Sewer Cap with Hose Connection
  • Brand: Camco
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Fair, Geyer, and Okun's, Water and Wastewater Engineering: Water Supply and Wastewater Removal

Fair, Geyer, and Okun's, Water and Wastewater Engineering:

This text series of Water and Wastewater Engineering have been written in a time of mounting urbanisation and industrialisation and resulting stress on water and wastewater systems. Clean and ample sources of water for municipal uses are becoming harder to find and more expensive to develop. The text is comprehensive and covers all aspects of water supply, water sources, water distribution, sanitary sewerage and urban stormwater drainage. This wide coverage is helpful to engineers in their every day practice.

  • Brand: Brand: John Wiley Sons, Inc.
  • ASIN: 0470411929

Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants MOP 8, Fifth Edition (WEF Manual of Practice 8: ASCE Manuals and Reports on Engineering Practice, No. 76)

Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants MOP 8,

Contemporary Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Methods Fully revised and updated, this three-volume set from the Water Environment Federation and the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers presents the current plant planning, configuration, and design practices of wastewater engineering professionals, augmented by performance information from operating facilities. Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants, Fifth Edition, includes design approaches that reflect the experience of more than 300 authors and reviewers from around the world. Coverage includes: Integrated facility design Sustainability and energy management Plant hydraulics and pumping Odor control and air emissions Thoroughly updated information on biofilm reactors Biological, physical, and chemical liquid treatment Membrane bioreactors, IFAS, and other integrated biological processes Nutrient removal Sidestream treatment Wastewater disinfection Solids minimization, treatment, and stabilization, including thermal processing Biosolids use and disposal

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Green Gobbler ENZYMES for Grease Trap & Sewer - Controls Foul Odors & Breaks Down Grease, Paper, Fat & Oil in Sewer Lines, Septic Tanks & Grease Traps (1 Gallon)

Green Gobbler ENZYMES for Grease Trap & Sewer

DESCRIPTION: A multi-strain liquid bacterial solution specifically formulated to degrade fats, oils, greases, starches, proteins, cellulose and other food waste in the demanding environments of Drain Lines, Lift Stations, Sewers, Septic Tanks, Leach Fields, Cess Pools, Grease Traps and Grease Interceptors. The application-specific bacterial consortium present in this product produces lipase enzymes which target large oil and grease molecules, breaking them down into smaller molecules that are then metabolized by the bacteria to quickly degrade the fat and reduce the risk of blockages. As the lipase enzymes get to work, free fatty acids are released, which reduces the pH, creating a harsh environment for bacteria.The strains in Breakdown Plus are specially selected to work effectively in lower pH ranges found in grease traps and grease interceptors. FEATURES & BENEFITS: Proprietary bacterial consortium specifically targets and degrades FOG, even as the pH decreases. De-emulsifying surfactant promotes separation of water phase from FOG phase increasing efficacy of grease traps and grease interceptors and allowing bacteria to work more effectively. Effective bacterial action reduces odors associated with grease traps, interceptors and drain lines within hours of application. DIRE...

  • Brand: Green Gobbler
  • ASIN: B079K94HHV
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Wastewater Treatment Operators Gift Tshirt

Wastewater Treatment Operators Gift

When you become a Wastewater Operator you look at the sewage systems a lot differently.Learning about PH,Ammonia's,Dissolve Oxygen,Nitrification and learning how to manipulate the Bacteria Organisms.

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Wastewater Treatment Operators Gift Tshirt
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